Right, I’m kinda going to say it.

I felt sorry for everyone involved in Hell Night.

Including Adam. Adam who had been driven to this by means we don’t know of, who is so fucked up in the head that he NEEDED saving and is now trying to save who saved him but he’s blinded by his ‘cause’ so he can’t see all the harm he’s causing.

Julian, who is getting stalked so bad, his friends start to get hurt. He blames himself for it all and he hasn’t done anything but go to school and be famous and fall in love and have friends. Julian who was forced to confess his love to Logan when he didn’t bloody want to.

Poor Danny who was cutting and getting hurt because he got dragged into it all.

Kurt, who also got dragged into it all, and tried to help his friend.

Logan, who was drugged up to the eyeballs and remembered what he’d forgotten far to late. The boy who just wants to love and be loved. 

Blaine, who tried to save his boyfriend and his friends and got stabbed in the damned fucking shoulder.

Reed, who was absolutely terrified and only went to check on his art.

Shane, who couldn’t go after his brother and boyfriend.

Micah, who went in Shane’s place.

Charlie, who is just trying to protect his boys.

The twins, who got separated.

Their wonderful sister, who will be panicking.

Wes, who ran in.

David, who couldn’t.

Laura, who was ignored.

And Dwight. Poor, beautiful Dwight who sacrificed himself for his accomplice, who went in after his friends, who was pushed out of a window and who performed the best song in Hell Night History.

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    Was just pondering this a few days ago, I love them all! Except you adam, I can’t ——— stand you.
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    I still hate Adam, but yeah I kinda feel sorry for him ….
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